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Ivy Privacy Fence

What Every Man And Woman Should Know About An Ivy Privacy Fence.


If you have problems with nosy neighbors then reading the following Ivy Privacy Fence report will be a major turning point in your search to get privacy for you and your family…

Are you ready to discover a breakthrough DIY method that effortlessly ends nosy neighbors permanently and in just a few easy steps? 

Here are some shocking facts you're about to learn about ending nosy neighbors and why you shouldn't even think about confronting them or making enemies, until faux ivy privacy fence screen you read every single word on this report!

1. The single reason almost everyone fails to stop nosy neighbors PERMANENTLY!

2. Why Confronting Them and Making Enemies help only TEMPORARILY

3. A new breakthrough method that will end your lack of privacy in just a few easy steps…


Has this ever happened to you?

You move into a new house and your yard is attached to your neighbor’s yard and pretty soon you find out that your neighbor is always looking into your yard watching your every move. Now there is nothing wrong with people getting to know someone but you know when it starts to get annoying and creepy.

So what do you do the natural thing once you hit the peak of annoyance is to confront the neighbor(s) and ask them to stop their invasive behavior. Super awkard moment of the year. Maybe they are nice people, maybe they’re a little over the top or maybe they’re just always going to be in your business.

It feels like a tense situation however the neighbors oblige and they promise to to tone down their nosiness. After, all the wooden fence that you recently installed should help obstruct their vision, right?

That is until one day you decided to grill and have a nice family picnic and you notice through the slither of your wooden fence your neighbor peeking through the gap in your wooden fence.

So now you storm over to the fence and as you approach the fence the neighbor blares out something like “Hey, nice weather” but you are already annoyed and you flip out.

Now maybe flipping out wasn’t the best decision but I’m sure that your voyeuristic neighbor became offended and now you’ve made an enemy or enemies. This totally disappoints your expectation of privacy especially due to the fact that you own private property. Or maybe you’re dealing with a Peeping Tom.



Why Does This Happen? And Why Is It So Hard To Stop?


According to an article in Psychology Today entitled "Voyeurism And Exhibitionism: How Common Are They?" by Michael Castleman Swedish studies prove that 65% of men are prone to visually breaching someone’s privacy.

It is known as voyeurism.

In the same study it also recorded 42% of college students displayed voyeuristic behavior. Peeping Toms are everywhere and some of them are less subtle than others.

I wouldn’t take the word Tom and think that its just men, there are also women involved.

Don't you think it's crazy to think you'll get different results by doing the same thing over and over again?

If I keep touching a burning hot stove, I'd be stupid to think the next time I touch the stove I won't get burnt.

That's why you need to try something new…


Here's How  It's Possible To End Nosy Neighbors In Only 60 Minutes…

It's called The Ivy Privacy Screen Solution, and it's the easiest way to end nosy neighbors and peeping Tom’s. It works so well because it is a beautiful and decorative solution to an ugly problem.


Here are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Say…You’re Just Moments Away From Never Suffering From Unnecessary Confrontations with Nosy Neighbors and Peeping Toms…


One: The ivy privacy fence will obstruct the vision of anyone while providing a beautiful landscape unlike wooden fences that have gaps and doesn’t even match the scenery.

Two: This is an evergreen solution that is made of  American-made 4-ply, 6 mil rigid PVC / UV flame-retardant plastic with 16/17 gauge galvanized wire.

Three:  There is a ten year warranty that protects your investment.


Here Are The Exact Step By Step Instructions To Permanently End Nosy Neighbors from Invading Your Privacy


1. You must have an existence fence, a chain link fence is recommended however any fence will do. You must measure the dimensions of your fence. 

2. CLICK HERE to Purchase The Fence Of Your Choice  (Make sure you get enough panels to cover your fence.)

3. Install your faux ivy privacy fence using plastic zip ties you can get from the link above You can find an ivy fence installation tutorial below. 

Here's What You Need To Do Next…

Use the information above to permanently end nosy neighbors…

Then, If you want privacy, a beautiful landscape and a relaxing environment… and you wan't to end confrontations, making enemies and relying on wooden fences with gaps in them then click here.


Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Ideas You'll Discover By Clicking Here

  • You'll learn why the way you're currently trying to stop confrontation with neighbors you know little about could be dangerous.
  • How to solve your wooden fence problem quickly, easily and in a way you've never thought about before.
  • The secret to get expected privacy twice as fast…
  • How to get rid of nosy neighbors with a beautiful addition to your landscape. Master this simple skill and nasty confrontations will be gone for good!

You can get access to the solution and get total privacy tonight!

It's really that simple.

Click on this link and get the expected privacy and completely annihilate confronting nosy neighbors, making enemies and relying on gap-ridden wooden fences!


To your success,

Clair and Andrea

Ivy Fence is an secure online store that specializes in Ivy Fence Faux Fake Ivy Privacy Screen and Artificial Plants. We carry faux ivy trellises, faux ivy wall, artificial plants and faux Christmas wreaths.

What are faux ivy privacy screens?


These screens are fake ivy that are designed to look like the real plant but last forever. If you have ever seen how real ivy looks on a fence then you may already see that it looks rustic and beautiful and gives the house a gorgeous touch.

However, the downside to REAL ivy is that it can grow out of control and become hard to deal with and this is why people like you prefer faux or fake ivy made out of high quality evergreen resin.

If you buy one of the screens you will be investing in a durable, evergreen decoration that provides privacy and beauty to your landscape.

How To Install a Fake Ivy Privacy Screen


We highly recommend watching the installation video below to properly install a fence. In order to fasten the fence you need another fence as the foundation. You will also need plastic zip ties to fasten the fence securely. 


Consider the benefits of a faux ivy site that focuses purely on ivy screens versus a major chain store that is not focused at all. We are specialists on screens that can be installed in a couple of hours and provide the privacy you are looking for.

Imagine how secure you are going to feel once your privacy is protected by prying eyes and nosy neighbors. Picture how beautiful your new ivy decor is going to look and how natural it will make your environment feel.

We carry the world’s top faux ivy privacy screen and we take great pride in our inventory. The screens are ideal for homeowners with fences, apartment owners with terraces and any dwelling that needs privacy.

What is a faux ivy trellis?

The faux ivy trellises are ideal for vertical decor and can be tied to a chain link fence to decorate a vertical (something that stands up high and is not too wide) stone structure or wooden structure. The ivy privacy fence slats can be vertically or horizontally which means standing up straight or going across something like a fence or gate.

We provide you the best products at the best prices on the web. Take a look at our categories on the left for the widest range available, and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!