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Dramatic Danica Ivy Fence Privacy Screen Roll Voted #1

ALEKO Double Sided Privacy Fence Voted #2

Ranka Boxwood Panels - Voted #3,#4, #5

Sunwing Fence Screen Panels Voted #6

Price $57.00 $37.76 $56.00 $109.99
Privacy Level Semi-Privacy Semi Privacy Full Privacy (Opaque) Full Privacy (Opaque)
Multiple Sizes
UV Treated
Warranty 1 Year 3 Year
Double Sided
Size 120" X 42" 94" x 39" 40 x 40 X 2 inches 20'' X 20''
Not only is this the most realistic fence in style and asthetics, it is backed by their high quality standards. A close second to the Dramatic Danica series but it outranks the others because it is also a replica of real ivy and it also rolls out. These panels are the popular choice among our visitors because of their opaque design.They have the most privacy protection. Last but not least the fence that has it all but didn't have a lot of variations and it is not a replica of ivy.
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Features and Benefits:

  • UV Resistant
  • Grafitti Detterent
  • Water Resistant
  • Extremely Durable
  • 10 Year Plus Warranty
  • Made of High Quality Plastic Resin
  • Beautiful Addition To Your Landscape
  • Super High Level Of Privacy
  • Authentic looking Artificial Flora
  • Deters Peeping Toms


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Experience Privacy For Your Family


What Every Man And Woman Needs To Know About Voyeurism And Peeping Toms.

The Faux Ivy Privacy Fence Screen sends a signal to peeping toms that makes them quit surveying your every move. You’ll notice your nosiest neighbors mention how much they don’t like while your cool neighbors tell you how beautiful it is. Too bad Tom! The privacy and style is a perfect accessory for landscape and the UV resistant long lasting plastic resin design will give you years of use.

If you have an existing fence all you have to do is fasten the panels to your fence using green plastic zip ties and a wire snipper to fasten it to your fence. The job is easier with two people if you have someone to hold the screen in place it makes it a lot easier. You’re definitely going to want to measure your space appropriately to make sure you order enough fencing. I highly recommend you order the green ties because many people make the mistake of ordering the black zip ties and they become an eye sore. This fence is also a pest repellant because critter and bugs don’t eat plastic and the design keeps them away.

Over 65% of men are voyeuristic in nature and they creep people out when they are staring through the cracks of your existing fence. You owe it to your family to make it hard for any uninvited voyeur or predator to get a clear view of your family. Privacy is one of the most closely guarded rights of our modern society. These faux ivy privacy fence screens make it possible to have private moments on your estate. Without these you will be at the mercy of the peepers that make your skin crawl and creeps out your friends and loved ones. You will also deter graffiti vandals from vandalizing your property because they can’t spray paint your ivy fence. It is also waterproof so it holds up to rain and it the UV resistant plastic resin will make sure the gorgeous green leaves won’t fade.


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What Customers Think About Ivy Fence

Read some of the testimonials from satisfied customers that love their ivy fence screens. These people are from all over the United States and they are joyful about their new found privacy.

Maria Sanchez
Forest Hills, New York

“Although I’m a passionate gardener and I never buy artificial flora, I have to say that the Dramatic Danica made my landscape look so picturesque. It was the final touch to my living landscape..”
Anna Hill
Danbury, Connecticut

“I have a roof top garden and deck and the Ranka Greenery Panels blew me away. I had my handyman install them (I’m not handy at all) and I’m still receiving compliments. Thanks for this website, it really helped me.”

Laura Velma
Madison, Wisconsin

“When I first saw your Youtube video I couldn’t wait to show my husband and he was happy I did. My husband had to confront my neighbor because he was constantly staring at my daughter who relaxes on the patio, It was a very harrowing ordeal. He kept playing it off like he wasn’t peeping but we had enough. I installed the panels and it stopped him totally.”

Mitchell Conte
Park Slope, New York

“I ordered 8 rolls of the Dramatic Danica and wow my home looks gorgeous and I stopped my peeping neighbor, I’m so happy. It took me under an hour with my sister’s help.”


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